Warm Sweet Honey's Bake Off

Submitted by Dragos
1698 days ago
Here’s another Gem from the outrageous and totally unpredictable Warm Sweet Honey she had decided we should film her version of the Bake-Off but as we hadn’t got a Marquee we would shoot it in her conservatory, she had all her ingredients ready on the table so it was time to make a start. Honey added the ingredients to her bowl and started mixing it looked like a right gooey mess to me but I was sure she knew best but her mixing got a bit too vigorous and it went everywhere but she was not deterred as she took her top off and started rubbing the mixture all over her tits and the rest of her body. Honey was now getting in a right mess and after pouring custard all over her head she proceeded in Sieving flour all over the floor before taking off her heavily soiled Granny Pants and painting her body with more custard then adding Beaked Beans to the mix she then poured custard into her mouth before spurting it out everywhere. Time for more ingredients so more flour, sweetcorn and gravy granules were added to the mix before topping off with a sprinkling of 100’s & 1000’s, now tie to sit down and take off her shoes and stockings before laying back and rolling about in the mixture. Now totally naked and covered in the sticky mixture she rubbed it into her massive tits and between her pussy lips, she was totally covered head to toe in the mixture but as there was no one about to judge her entry it was time for a shower.. The Fetish Voyeur

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